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A team committed to serving the Grand Region

Ceetrus Corporate is expanding its business activities and investing in Luxembourg by taking on the Kirchberg Auchan Commercial Centre, which features a 25 000 m2 retail space generating a revenue of 250 million - capitalising on visitor figures approaching 8 million visitors a year.

Ceetrus Luxembourg is driving the ‘Cloche d’Or’ House of brands project. This unique retail centre is founded on the principle of functional mixing, and is to be the beating heart of a new key district alongside which will be living nearly 45 000 people by 2025. The Cloche d’Or centre comprises 130 top of the range services, restaurants and stores and will features a range of international flagship stores – an experience hitherto unprecedented in Luxembourg.   

  • Luxembourg, a European destination with great potential

International country competitivity surveys regularly rank Luxembourg among the top locations. Luxembourg is well-known for its advantageous tax regime and also for its centralised, privileged position within Europe at the intersection of three borders: Belgium, Germany and France.

This ideally located little country enjoys great political and economic stability.

The country delivers strong economic growth, has the highest GDP per inhabitant in the world and has a population that keeps on growing at a rate of over 68% in 50 years.

This little sanctuary is a land of professional opportunity for almost 200 000 cross-border workers, and the banking sector accounts for almost 40% of the territory’s GDP. The unemployment rate is the lowest in Europe at under 7%.      

  • An environment that is favourable to businesses, offering a competitive tax regime

Luxembourg is characterised by a high degree of adaptability to economic changes thanks to the considerable flexibility and responsiveness of its administrative authorities, and thanks also to a business-orientated regulatory environment.

The liberal economic policy practised by successive governments has contributed to creating a fiscal environment that is predictable and that is exceptionally favourable towards investors. Luxembourg has signed a number of double taxation agreements, thus benefitting companies with a presence in the country.  

  • Higher quality of life

According to numerous international surveys, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a country with an extremely high quality of life.

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